About Pozirk Games

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Pozirk Games is Belarusian indie game development studio located on the planet Earth.
It was established, when I didn’t know anything about game development, but was dreaming to create the best games ever.
This occasion happened on Wednesday August 24, 2005 at 19 hours 18 minutes and 43 seconds.

The studio is very small and includes ~1½ persons… me (Igor Lukyanov) and some freelancers from all over the world, who help me with my projects.
I make games mostly for human beings, but I would like to expand my influence to other planets and Universes.

My games are 100% home-made and created using only natural ingredients: love, passion, hard work and sleepless nights.
I hope you enjoy every single byte of my games and I strive to release more wonderful games in future.

Interested in top secret information about current and future games? Visit my blog!

Home-made games, just like your mom did. :)